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296 bimbo com's - 11 amis
cecilooouuu , - 25/02/2020 13:19 :

MMerci beaucoup c'est sympa !!! La bimbo est aussi super stylée ! J'aime beaucoup !

anaisgbt62 , - 3/01/2020 15:24 :

Coucou bella, bonne année 2020 !!

toka30 , - 9/12/2019 14:29 :

Merci beaucoup!!! 

Je te retourne le compliment, ta poupée est super originale, j'adore! 

AllaPayne , - 9/12/2019 01:38 :

I am looking forward to a new season, it was such a good anime. From what I‘ve heard, they want to release 10 episodes in 2020 like in march or smth like that. 


AllaPayne , - 9/12/2019 01:36 :

I am not 100% sure, but I read on lots of pages and it looks like they announced on their official page also about a new season... I hope it’s not just fake news...

AllaPayne , - 8/12/2019 23:09 :

Wow, looks like the first episode has beem released in 2004 and the series ended in 2012. I didn’t know that. So I used to watch Bleach in 2015, around that year.

AllaPayne , - 8/12/2019 23:06 :

I don’t remember that... I only remember that I used to watch Bleach when I was in my last highschool years and I have completed the episodes recently. The episodes were already on Animax 4-5 years ago, so there are some years ... 

anaisgbt62 , - 8/12/2019 17:56 :

De rien j'aime vraiment beaucoup ! Oh cela me touche au plus profond de mon coeur ! <3

anaisgbt62 , - 8/12/2019 15:34 :

Bouh, très démoniaque j'adore !

labellemymille , - 7/12/2019 17:10 :

Hello !
Merci pour ton com c'est adorable (et désolée pour le défi perdu :')).
Tu as un style un peu creepy aussi. J'adore ;)

AllaPayne , - 7/12/2019 01:25 :

Yes, I also have hopes for the release of the second season! And also I can’t wait for Bleach’s second season to be released. I hope they will release it next year, but we don’t have any news yet...

AllaPayne , - 6/12/2019 23:01 :

Yeah! Fruits basket also! I like it very much! And also the new version from 2019 it’s a good one! I have an entire list of anime I have watched, but not all of them were good. Now when I see that list I am like: just how many anime did I watch during these years? Woww, I can‘t believe myself hahah!

Prigema , - 6/12/2019 21:35 :

Merci ma tienne est juste super belle aussi ! 

AllaPayne , - 6/12/2019 21:00 :

I love to watch anime more than reading manga and it’s very hard to tell my favs, but I think these should do it: Shaman King, Bleach, Soul Eater, Kamisama kiss, Mahoutsukai no yome, Vampire Knight, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Hiiro no Kakera and Tokyo Ravens^^. It‘s hard to chooooose^^ Yours?

Temari25 , - 6/12/2019 18:42 :

Merci! J'adore le style de ta poupée. 

arubi , - 6/12/2019 15:17 :

Merci beaucoup ! J'aime énormement ton style ! :D

champi3 , - 6/12/2019 11:27 :

Très belle bimbo, j'aime beaucoup tes tenues !

+1 waouh ;-)

AllaPayne , - 5/12/2019 23:55 :

Btw, you’re an otaku? *heart eyes* 

You study japanese? Omggg I want to learn it also... but I don‘t have the time or the right person... 

But I am a big fan of anime<3 , also manga (but less) and everything that means Japan<3. 

AllaPayne , - 5/12/2019 23:51 :

Thank you sooo much for the wonderful words! It melted my heart to read your comment! You’re so nice!! I had a good week^^, I only hope that I didn’t let a lot of people down by making outfits with the few items I had in my closet... at least I tried my best... Thank you again and I wish you have an amazing evening, like yourself!<3

Somia253 , - 29/10/2019 10:15 :

Merci beaucoup